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Black Crows Camox

Black Crows Camox

Super fun and incredibly versatile, the Black Crows Camox skis are a great example of an all-mountain ski with a broad appeal. With a 97 mm waist and no metal, the skis are light, easy to ski, and quite stable. The shape, profile, and construction of the Black Crows Camox skis make it a versatile performer in the upper-90’s waist width market share.

The skis have a moderate taper shape to go along with a twin-tip style tail. These two shapely components create a playful and fun ski that is willing to go anywhere and do anything. The 97 mm waist width is great not only for groomed runs in the morning, but also tearing through late day crud and hidden powder stashes.

It’s almost like a five-point sidecut, and with an 18-meter turn radius at 181 cm length, the skis have the ability to make a bunch of different turn shapes and through a multitude of terrain choices. In terms of the profile, the double rocker style is perfect for all types of snow, and the medium classic camber underfoot provides great edge contact on firmer snow. This give-and-take style of rocker profile also adds to the all-mountain versatility of the Camox, and makes it a leader in the clubhouse when it comes to the elusive one-ski quiver. The Poplar wood core is combined with carbon and Kevlar strips for added muscle, but not bulk.

Advanced skiers will love the combination of performance and versatility in the Black Crows Camox skis.


Technical Details

Intermediate floatation: 97mm at the waist

Double rocker: great handling, control, pivot

Slightly straight sidecut (20m radius): stability at high speed, balance between firmness and maneuverability

Classic medium camber: classic camber underfoot with intermediate ski/snow contact, balance between stability and maneuverability

Progressive flex: comfortable and forgiving

Construction: semi-cap step-down

ABS sidewalls all around

Core: poplar / fiberglass


171 cm

178 cm

183 cm