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Black Crows Captis

Black Crows Captis


The Captis by Black Crows is an all-terrain men’s ski in the All-Terrain range. The Captis  is an all-mountain ski ideal for exploring the entire ski area with ease. Whether you want to carve beautiful turns on the piste or have a freeride escape to make your own route through the woods, the Captis is agile and responsive.

Quite thin with its 90 mm waist, it is therefore quite responsive and allows a quick transition from one edge to the other. Designed with a double rocker with a classic camber underfoot, it grips well on hard snow and is tolerant in powder.

The Captis has a poplar wood core that provides the necessary stability at high speed. Its narrow sidecut and 18-metre curve radius provide you with it a smooth ride and great manoeuvrability.

Thus, the Captis is a tolerant and very enjoyable ski, but will nevertheless be able to show itself to be a player. It is a great Black Crows option for intermediate to advanced skiers looking for a unique pair that does it all with ease!

Technical Details

Medium width: 90mm width.
Double rocker: Great manoeuvrability, control and pivot.
Medium classic camber: Classic camber underfoot with moderate ski/snow contact, creating a good balance between stability and manoeuvrability.
Tight sidecut and 17 meter turning radius: Good for turning. easy and quick to carve. this ski turns quite tightly.
Tolerant flex: Comfortable and accessible



171 cm

178 cm

184 cm