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Fischer Twin Skin performance Medium IFP

Fischer Twin Skin performance Medium IFP


The easy, forgiving Efficient Forward design of the Twin Skin Performance optimizes the kick phase for skiers of any ability level.
The offset, variable depth design of the Twin Skin mohair strips offers recreational skiers consistent, efficient grip in hard and glazed track conditions.

Technical Details

Construction :

– Speed ??Grinding: New universal stone finish which ensures optimum gliding properties in all snow

– Air-Tec Basalite. Special air channels integrated with light woods reduce weight by compared to building Air Channel. Basalt fibers provide perfect flex properties, regardless of the temperature

– Twin Skin. Two separate strips of skin provide a fluid and smooth sliding. Skins Mohair ensure safe thrust, especially on hard snow or frost

– Efficient Forward. The revolutionary combination of proven materials can significantly increase the elasticity of the ski. Result: a tolerant thrust and a new ski experience in a relaxed guarantees

– Power Layer: High pressure laminate of 0.2 mm thick, extremely light, natural fiber and resin over the entire surface, greatly reducing the weight of the skis. – in mm Dimension Lines (manufacturer data): 41-44-44 Choose the size