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Scott Slight 76

Scott Slight 76


The Slight 76 ski from Scott is ultra-maneuverable with a construction that is both forgiving and high performance enabling to benefit from its reduced intensity to fine-tune one’s technique. in addition, due to its 76 mm skate, it effortlessly chains short turns on the small powder on the edges of the slope.

With a wood shell along its entire length, the Slight 76 is invigorating without being too energy consuming. Its thin skate and its rocker at the front allow you to link turns in a very natural way. It passes from one edge to another very dynamically while maintaining a perfect grip thanks to its classic camber. It even provides a good re-launch at each turn exit, enabling you to work on your carvin. This model is also great in light powder and soft snow conditions.

It is designed for an intermediate or advanced skier looking for a model with a very good behavior on packed snow that enables one to work on their technique. A model that can also be used for fun on the edges of the slope.

Technical Details

Core: Wood core

Tip: Yes

Rockered Tail: No

Rocker – Camber: Pro Tip 300 mm

Ski category: All-mountain

Ski Interface: Relax

Type of turns: Multi-turns

Gender: Men

Level: Intermediate – Advanced


157 cm

167 cm

177 cm