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Volkl Racetiger GS

Volkl Racetiger GS


The Racetiger GS with 3D.Glass and comes with Titanium inlays, Speedwall Multi Layer woodcore, with extra-hard wood located just behind the sidewall. 69mm width under the foot and the quiet ride of UVO 3D round out the true World Cup sensations.

Technical Details

UVO is the first freely rotating, vibration damper to apply cutting-edge vibration dampening technology in order to minimize disruptive ski vibration.

The terrain below the ski inevitably generates vibrations, which in turn set the shovel into motion. This significantly disrupts the smoothness of the ski-ride, and makes it harder to hold an edge. The revolutionary UVO technology works against this, through proven dampening in the form of reduced vibrations in the horizontal and vertical directions as well as along the length of the ski.

3D.GLASS is Völkl’s development to furthermore improve overall ski performance and stability even in critical snow conditions.

Compared to classic glass constructions the three-dimensional and multiple-folded glass layers in the tip and in the tail area result in an increased edge grip and a more vivid rebound behavior in turns.

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