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Völkl Racetiger GS

Völkl Racetiger GS


World Cup legend for long, high-speed radii at maximum edge pressure. Introduced in 1970 as the Renntiger, no other Völkl epitomises performance and success quite like the Racetiger. If you love super-fast, long turns with plenty of pressure on the edges, there’s not really any alternative.

With a UVO vibration dampener, you hardly feel any tip chatter or wobble on this ski, even at the highest of speeds. This means you can really race to your heart’s content and leave all the others behind!

This ski is extremely steady, with a sandwich construction that ensures the best levels of smoothness and stability. A dense core keeps the ski strong, rigid and powerful, which combined with this stability allow you to really let go and push yourself further on the slopes.

It’s incredible edge grip also enhances its great race performance at speed, allowing you to really dig into your turns and work on your GS technique. It allows for brilliant carving thanks to its thin 70mm waist, with easy, fast edge to edge transition that makes GS style skiing a lot of fun.For a silky smooth, stable ride that will really push younger, developing athletes to the best of their abilities on the piste, the Volkl Racetiger GS is a fantastic choice.

Technical Details

Tip Rocker

Speedwall Multilayer Woodcore

P-Tex 4500 base

Two layers of Titanal

Race Finish 1 – Base: 0.8°, Side: 87.6°



180 cm   Radius 19.3 m    Sidecut 114 – 69 – 97

185 cm   Radius 20.6        Sidecut 114 – 69 – 97

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