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Atomic Cloud C8

Atomic Cloud C8


The super popular Atomic Cloud C8 ski is lovely and light for effortless gliding on piste. It features Atomic’s Densolite Core, which means it’s light and easy to handle for intermediate skiers. It lets you ski gracefully with minimum effort so that you won’t be tired out by the end of the day.

This model features Servotec Light for extra stability in the turns and an effortless glide on the piste.



150 cm, 157 cm, 164 cm

Technical Details
Servotech Light

Servotech top groove combined with elastomer inlay for great vibration damping and running stability.

Densolite Core

A foam core that´s agile and dampens vibrations – for effortless skiing.

Full Sidewall

Full Sidewall runs across the full length of the ski for precise steering.


Piste Rocker 10/90/0