Our rental terms

RentSki’s rental rules are simple and generous. Most of our customers rent either a long weekend (Thu-Sun) or a short week (Sun-Thu). At RentSki, you only pay for 3 days for a long weekend (Thu-Sun) and 4 days for a short week (Sun-Thu). You can pick up the equipment whenever you want on Thursday and Sunday.

  • For a long weekend, pick up the ski equipment on Thursday and return it on Sunday. For long weekends you only pay for 3 ski days. When you book Thursday-Sunday, you fill in Thursday-Saturday and the Sunday is free.
  • For a short week, pick up the skis on Sunday and return them on Thursday. For short weeks you only pay for 4 ski days. When you book Sunday-Thursday, you fill in Sunday-Wednesday and the Thursday is free.

Payment is made either online with card or at pickup

You yourself choose how you want to pay. Either pay in advance online when booking through our secure payment technology. Or when you come to RentSki to pick up your equipment. If you cannot come, for any reason, we will refund the full amount advanced to RentSki. Medical certificate is not needed. We accept Visa and Mastercard. We do not apply any extra fees when you pay with cards and all card data is safely handled by our payment exchange NetAxept, which is certified according to PCI-DSS. All information provided by buyers and around payments is kept confidential.

Our Rental terms

WEEKEND (Wed-Sat or Thu-Sun)
Pick-Up your equipment between 9AM – 6PM on Wednesday/Thursday and return between 9AM – 6PM on Saturday/Sunday. You pay for three days.

SHORT WEEK (Sat-Wed or Sun-Thu)
Pick-Up your equipment between 9AM – 6PM on Saturday/Sunday and return between 9AM – 6PM on Wednesday/Thursday. You pay for four days.

If you need to pick-up or return your equipment out of the ordinary opening hours, please call or send us an E-mail and we will together find a solution.

Rental terms for sports equipment

• The customer is responsible to reimburse the cost of equipment if the product is lost or damaged.
• The equipment may only be used on piste ski slopes. In the event of obvious negligence, the customer is liable for damages incurred.
• Equipment that not has been returned according to booking dates will be charged according to our price list.
• The equipment should be cleaned at return (Especially Ski- and Snowboard-boots)

RentSki Rental Protection Package

With our safe and affordable Rental Protection you avoid extra expenses if your Rental Ski Equipment gets damaged or lost. The customers liability cost is 700 SEK (adult) and 300 SEK (kids and youth). In need of new equipment it can be collected at RentSki without any extra charges. Our Rental Protection also covers that you will get a refund if you are forced to end your vacation earlier than planned. You will get money back for the unused days without any extra charges. Read more about and book directly together with your Ski Equipment in our online booking.

In case of sickness/other reason to cancel your booking

If you by any cause need to cancel your booking, we will refund the full amount.

We do not demand any Medical Certificate.