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Völkl Deacon 76

Völkl Deacon 76


The Völkl Deacon 76 has come straight out of the Völkl race department and is packed with super high-performance design. It is built like a race ski but has some design features that make it more accessible and more versatile.

The 76 mm waist is relatively wide giving the skier a wider, more stable platform. The Deacon also has subtle tip and tail rocker making turn initiation and release much easier than full cambered race skis, which tend to grab and pull you into a turn.

The Deacon comprises a multilayer stiff wood core, full-length titinal plates, full-length sidewalls and 3D Glass technology. Völkl’s 3D Glass tech is a horizontal layer of multiple-folded glass that has a vertical section at both edges in the tip and tail.

With many features carried straight over from Völkl’s racing lines, the Deacon 76 is a hard-charging, speed-loving, high-performance trail crusher that suits advanced to expert level skiers, ex- or amateur racers and riders looking for zero compromises on piste performance.

Technical Details


Profile: Tip Rocker

Core: Wood Core

Bindings: Marker FDT

Sex: Unisex


133 cm

140 cm

147 cm

154 cm

161 cm

168 cm

175 cm