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Nitro Cinema

Nitro Cinema


The Cinema´s Directional Twin shape is perfect for ripping around your local mountain and exploring the entire trail map. While you effortlessly create your own progression curve and memories by using the Gullwing´s effortless ride technology.

The Cinema´s Directional Twin shape provides the perfect blend of sidecut, flex, and forgiveness to help you learn faster and progress from the groomers into the park. Built to be the ideal all-mountain explorer with a flex that is playful and more fun, thanks to its Gullwing Rocker and Park Flex, allowing you to jib your way through the trail map. Developed to offer the stability and catch-free ride needed for experienced riders to quickly learn new tricks in the park, while providing enough forgiveness for beginners to quickly learn how to link turns on the groomers.

Technical Details

Shape: Directional Twin

Rocker: Gullwing Rocker

Width: Progressive Width

Flex: All-Terrain

Sidecut: Radial

Special features
Powercore II
Standard Core Profile
Bi-lite Laminates
Premium Extruded FH Base
Sustainability Efforts
Climate Neutral Product
FSC Certified
100% Natural Speed Wax

152 cm

155 cm

159 cm

162 cm