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Salomon T1 Jr

Salomon T1 Jr


The T1 Jr is the ideal first pair of skis for young skiers learning how to do their first turns. The lightweight construction helps them keep their energy up longer.

Built with the youngest skiers in mind, the T1 Jr  ensures your little one’s experience learning how to ski is a fun one, so they can never get enough of the snow.

Built to help children learn how to ski without hindering them with bulky, heavy equipment, so they put their energy where it matters – into having a great time!


70 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm

Technical Details

A single fiber layer structuring the ski and making it more durable. It’s light, forgiving and facilitates maneuverability.


A composite core offers a light, easy to maneuver ski.

All Terrain Rocker

Rocker tip, early rise tail and camber underfoot.


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