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Völkl Deacon 72

Völkl Deacon 72


Völkl Deacon 72 is the ideal ski for beginner and intermediate skiers, who want a smooth ski that can handle a variety of terrain and conditions. The ski is easy to turn, is light and forgives mistakes easily. With the Deacon 72 beginners will get a perfect introduction into the world of skiing, and intermediate skiers will quickly progress to the next ski level.



144 cm, 151 cm, 158 cm, 165 cm


Technical Details
  • Full Sensor Wood Core construction consists of the wooden core extending across the width of the ski body and is positioned within the central binding area. The Dual Wood Core delivers extra power under foot and allows easier and lighter flexing at the tip and tail for a smooth, somewhat forgiving performance.


  • Tip Rocker is a combination of an early rise tip and a classic camber profile in the rest of the ski, which provides easy, smooth turn entry regardless of conditions


  • Progressive Technology features very slightly raised areas over the edge in the mid-body of the ski, delivering sufficient stability while allowing effortless turn initiation. The soft-flexing tail facilitates drift at the end of turn, especially for beginners and low intermediate skiers


  • Ability: Beginner, intermediate