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Völkl Racetiger SL

Völkl Racetiger SL


The Völkl Tiger Race SL is an exceptional ski for on piste skiing at speed, even very high speeds, but that’s not all – it is also very accessible as well as being a high performance ski.

It’s easy to use, you can even ski in an upright position, you don’t have to make an effort to catch the edges, this ski loves carving, loves the rhyme of the turns and its fluidity is exceptional.

At any rate it is an unrivalled delight to ski the Völkl Race Tiger SL: you feel safe and confident. You can really ski fast, very fast and always able to change the radius or turn the ski sharply across the slope.

As far as the balance goes, it offers the best simplicity/output ratio. You can use the edges quickly without suffering any brutal blocking; the ski serves the skier and you have complete serenity whilst skiing.

It is designed for tight turning but surprisingly even lengthening the turns it does with ease. This is really an exceptional ski for good piste skiers, a superbly designed machine.

Technical Details

The Racetiger SL in 3D.Glass technology comes with a rather wide sidecut with 127 mm at the nose, 103 mm at the tail and the well-approved 68 mm under the boot. The super versatile slalom carver with tip rocker features our Speedwall Multilayer Woodcore, with extra-hard wood located just behind the sidewall for added stability and grip. The Racetiger SL gives you easy access to quick turns all over the mountain.


Tip Rocker


Multilayer Woodcore, Beech/Poplar 33/67


P-Tex 4504

Skiing Level

Advanced, Professional


160 cm

165 cm

170 cm

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