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Voelkl Racetiger SRX

Voelkl Racetiger SRX


The Voelkl SRX is a ski with metal reinforced wood core, sintered P-Tex base and full sandwich construction with ABS side edges! Racertiger SRX is placed between the popular SC and RC in radius and is ideally suited for the medium to advanced skier with high ambitions demanding torsional stiffness and top quality! A great piste racer built with premium materials making a ski with the highest possible durability and stamina. The Racetiger SRX also has a tip-rocker profile to increase skiing pleasure and Marker’s recognized secure and easy-to-use binding systems integrated.


Lengths (cm): 155,160,165,170,175.

Radius (m): 16.3.

Technical Details

All Racetigers are narrower and more aggressive than other Völkl skis and benefit from many generations of continuous improvement – for higher speed and more edge grip.

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