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Black Crows Vertis

Black Crows Vertis


On the more resort-oriented side of the Black Crows line, the Vertis has an 85 mm waist and has the most traditional camber of pretty much all of the Black Crows skis. Built with a poplar wood core, the Vertis is light, agile, and energetic, and that long underfoot camber really helps the ski get on edge and stay on edge through the duration of the turn.

In all lengths, the skis generate a 15-meter turn radius, and that makes my mind wander to the DPS and their RP shaping. As a result, Black Crows has to increase the width of the tips and tails to keep the turns short, and this makes the skis, even in the longer lengths, perform with agility and playfulness.

Ideally suited for intermediate to advanced skiers who spend most of their time on-trail and in a carved turn, the Vertis is an awesome choice for skiers who are progressing and learning the art of the pure carve. This is one of those sneaky skis, though, that on paper, doesn’t look like it does a whole lot, but when you get it on your feet, it really comes to life. This gives the Vertis a higher-end feel than the width and application may indicate, allowing for a greater range of skiers to enjoy.

Technical Details

Rocker Profile: Rocker/Camber

Core Materials: Poplar, Fiber Glass, Semi-Cap

Preferred Terrain: All-Mountain, Groomers, Powder


170 cm

175 cm

180 cm