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Völkl Bash 81 Twin-Tip

Völkl Bash 81 Twin-Tip


Rent Völkl Bash 81 Twin-Tip – a top class twin-tip ski. Do you want to go forward or backwards? It does not matter – Völkl Bash 81 Twin-Tip is wicked no matter how you get down the mountain. Völkl has not cut back on the ski’s construction, even the base (what you normally ski on if you’re not upside down in the air) is world-class for the best glide and speed.


Technical Details

TWIN TIP construction for skiing/landing backwards.

POWER SHELL Durable construction with topsheet wrapping over the full woodcore.

ROCKER Full Camber.

CORE Multi Layer Woodcore. The combination of beech and poplar results in an extremely durable wood core composed of hard wood in the binding area and lighter wood around.

BASE P-Tex 1100 An extruded HDPE running base with good riding characteristcs, which even allows back-printing.



148 cm

158 cm

168 cm

178 cm