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Voelkl RTM 84

Voelkl RTM 84


Rent Voelkl RTM 84 and enjoy what the Voelkl engineers have created and the performance standard that advanced and expert skiers will feel and enjoy on every turn. With 3D.Ridge construction, our WideRide XL binding system with GripWalk compatibility, extended Tip & Tail Rocker with camber under foot and UVO technology, the RTM 84 puts the skier in total control of the front side of the mountain. The 3D.Glass construction allows notably increased power transmission, higher torsional stiffness and enhanced edge grip, along with improved agility.


Lengths (cm): 172, 177, 182.

Radius (m): 17.9.

Technical Details

iPT Wideride XL 12 FR GW Green
3D.Glass: 3D.GLASS is Völkl’s latest development to furthermore improve overall ski performance and stability even in critical snow conditions.
UVO: UVO is the first freely rotating, 360° vibration damper to apply cutting-edge vibration dampening technology in order to minimize disruptive ski vibration.
3D.Ridge Core: A specially for 3D.Ridge developed layered three-dimensional wood core, based on the full sensor wood core construction.
3D.Ridge: Central Woodcore Ridge with superslim wings to significantly reduce weight and swing weight and keep the stability where necessary.
Powered by Steel.
Base P-Tex 2100.
Full 3D.Sidewall.

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